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Company profile

EclecticIQ - Company profile English

A 2-page introduction to EclecticIQ, a global technology leader in Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Product description

EclecticIQ Fusion Center - Product Description English

Introduction to EclecticIQ Fusion Center for Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting, SOC, and CERT teams. EclecticIQ Fusion Center is your single source of tailored cyber threat intelligence, from leading suppliers.

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Product description

EclecticIQ Platform - Brief product description English

A 2-page introduction to EclecticIQ Platform, a leading Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform. The integrated analyst workspace turning intelligence into business value.

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Product description

EclecticIQ Platform - Product description for Executives English

Introduction to EclecticIQ Platform for Executives: CISO, Head of SOC, Head of CERT, and Head of Threat Intelligence. EclecticIQ Platform is an integrated cyber threat intelligence platform.

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Product description

EclecticIQ Platform - Product description for Threat Intelligence Analysts English

Introduction to EclecticIQ Platform for Cyber Threat Intelligence and Security Analysts. EclecticIQ Platform is an integrated cyber threat intelligence platform.

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Product description

EclecticIQ Platform - Product description for GovCERTs English

Introduction to EclecticIQ Platform for GovCERTs and NCSCs (National Cyber Security Centers). EclecticIQ Platform is an integrated cyber threat intelligence platform.

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Data sheet

EclecticIQ Platform - Product data sheet English

Data sheet of EclecticIQ Platform containing Technical Architecture and Technical Details, including Incoming Feeds, Enrichment Services, Outgoing Feeds, Analytic Toolkit, and Administrator tools.

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White paper

A Stakeholder-Centric Approach to Building a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) practice English

How to make threat intelligence relevant to executives, business stakeholders, security operations and incident responders.

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White paper

Applying the Threat Intelligence Maturity Model to your organization English

This paper provides a framework to assess the maturity of threat intelligence efforts and guide future investments.

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Case study

Triage & Collaboration: Improving a major bank's cyber threat security posture English

Learn how a major bank implemented a single Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) to support multiple lines of business across its global footprint.

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White paper

Accelerate Incident Response with Threat Intelligence English

This paper explains how Threat Intelligence improves Incident Response (IR) and how to introduce Threat Intelligence into your IR practice - with two use cases from Fox-IT.

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White paper

STIX 2.0 - Build your own intelligence English

This White Paper introduces STIX 2.0, compares it with the existing STIX 1.2 architecture and shows the future for STIX 2.x.

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Analyst report

Toward a Holistic Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Program English

Report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst on operationalizing Cyber Threat Intelligence through a holistic approach [Aug-2017].

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Point of View

The future of Cyber Threat Intelligence? A "community of communities" English

Don’t map the threat landscape by yourself. Instead, talk to the intelligence communities of countries, industries and commercial fusion centres using industry standards STIX and TAXII. 

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Solutions Brief

PhishMe Intelligence and EclecticIQ Platform English

With PhishMe Intelligence and EclecticIQ Platform, security teams have unobstructed views into credible phishing threats leading to higher confidence in the action based on the indicators.

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EclecticIQ Platform implementation chart English

This chart highlights the 5-steps to implement EclecticIQ Platform, the analyst-centric threat intelligence platform, in your organization.

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