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Press Release EclecticIQ simplifies threat intelligence with Fusion Center launch

EclecticIQ, the cyber threat intelligence technology provider, has announced the launch of EclecticIQ Fusion Center, a revolutionary approach to the collection, analysis, and distribution of cyber threat intelligence.​

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Webinar Webinar: The future of Cyber Threat Intelligence? A 'community of communities'

View the recording of our webinar on the Future of Cyber Threat Intelligence - with Joep Gommers, CEO of EclecticIQ and Chris O'Brien, Fusion Center Intelligence Lead

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Newsletter EclecticIQ Q1-2017 newsletter

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Customer Challenges

We solve the problems of repetitive work and complex analysis involved in enabling security staff to harness the power of intelligence in incident response, intelligence analysis, revenue assurance, security operations and security leadership.

Produce structured cyber intelligence
Easily share and collaborate among your staff
Duplicate detection, pattern recognition and automated prioritization
Integration with your existing analyst tools

Cyber defenses rely upon relevant threat intelligence, real-time collaboration and suitably configured responses. EclecticIQ provides actionable intelligence by normalizing and consolidating threat intelligence from a range of sources.

Feed management
Access to freely available intelligence feeds
Real-time collaboration with external partners
Compatibility with multiple commercial intelligence providers

Evolving threats need live integration of actionable threat indicators and intel from detection, prevention and response technologies. Forget repetitive work and custom engineering. Turn cyber intel into business value and correct your defenses.



Joris den Bruinen

I know EclecticIQ as a company with smart people with drive, IT and Cyber Intelligence experience. This makes EclecticIQ a potential relevant partner for organizations in the national security cluster HSD.

Joris den Bruinen Algemeen Secretaris/Adjunct Directeur Stichting The Hague Security Delta (HSD)

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