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Our curated multi-source intelligence feed lets your analysts spend more time on detection, prevention, incident response and threat hunting. All at an unbeatable price!

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EclecticIQ Platform

EclecticIQ Platform is the analyst-centric threat intelligence platform based on STIX/TAXII that meets the full spectrum of intelligence needs. Watch the video.

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Press release EclecticIQ strengthens threat intelligence for critical infrastructures with new integrations

EclecticIQ Platform continues to expand its catalog of built-in integrations, adding ICS and SCADA feeds provided by Dragos and The integrations further aid analysts in their mission to prevent attacks on ICS/SCADA systems.

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Press release EclecticIQ Platform 2.3 brings improved collaboration and data management features

The new version is packed with new and improved features that increase the effectiveness of cyber threat analysts through enhanced collaboration.

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Blog EclecticIQ blog launched

Start following our blog, with articles about CTI, current threats, STIX and GDPR.

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Threat Intelligence Report

Fusion Center Report: US Midterm Elections 2018 Situational Awareness

The Midterm Elections in the US are due to take place on 6th November 2018. In light of allegations of interference in previous campaigns, this report will focus on risks and identified activity that may be occurring to influence the result of the elections.

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White paper

A Stakeholder-Centric Approach to Building a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) practice

How to make threat intelligence relevant to executives, business stakeholders, security operations and incident responders.

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Technologies to turn Cyber Threat Intelligence into Business Value

Technologies to turn Cyber Threat Intelligence into Business Value

EclecticIQ helps organizations to turn cyber threat intelligence into business value through products built for cyber security professionals in threat intelligence, threat hunting, SOC, and Incident Response.

Our mission is to restore the fight against cyber threat adversaries by focusing our customers' resources on the threats relevant to them.

EclecticIQ has been an excellent partner to Cambridge Intelligence: proactive, friendly and with a clear understanding of their customers’ challenges. They are a team of smart professionals, working hard to solve important problems with new and innovative technologies.

Joe Perry Founder & CEO of Cambridge Intelligence

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