Threat Intelligence ReportEclecticIQ Fusion Center Report: Malware Steals Data Directly from the Device to Hack Facebook Accounts (English)

A new Android malware named Malware: Android.Fakeapp extracts user credentials directly from the victim's devices, most of which have been found to be located in the Asia-Pacific region.

Report from EclecticIQ Fusion Center from Monday 5 March 2018.

Key Findings:

  • Data that is being directly stolen from devices by malware, allows a scammer to extract Facebook login credentials and hack the user's account.
  • English speaking users are the main victims of this attack.
  • Android.Fakeapp operates without the user's knowledge, and must go through several steps in order to steal data, such as getting the IMEI number to the C2 server.
  • Once the Facebook account is hacked, the scammer has access to all the information of the user stores in this social media platform.

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