Press Release EclecticIQ continues its global expansion, reaching significant milestones in 2019

EclecticIQ, global provider of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) technology solutions and the operator of Fusion Center, today announced that it has grown its revenue in 2019 by 84 percent by successfully expanding the company’s market segments from government to larger financial organizations. The company also had success in adding customers in new regions such as the Middle East and APAC.

“EclecticIQ passed several important milestones technically and operationally that have put the foundation in place for scale and further innovation," said Joep Gommers, CEO and founder, EclecticIQ. “With threat intelligence now widely adopted, we're gearing up to support our customers in ensuring the success of cybersecurity strategies, from managing cyber threats to detecting, hunting and responding to them effectively with intelligence at the core."

Milestones reached in 2019:

With the foundations laid in 2019, EclecticIQ is ready to continue growing its market share, drive forward global expansion and further accelerate innovation in 2020.

About EclecticIQ

EclecticIQ enables intelligence-powered cybersecurity for government organizations and commercial enterprises. We develop analyst-centric products and services that align our clients’ cybersecurity focus with their threat reality. The result is intelligence-led security, improved detection and prevention, and cost-efficient security investments.

Our solutions are built specifically for analysts across all intelligence-led security practices such as threat investigation and threat hunting, as well as incident response efforts. And we tightly integrate our solutions with our customers’ IT security controls and systems.

EclecticIQ operates globally with offices in Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America, and via certified value-adding partners.

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