News EclecticIQ Platform mentioned by Gartner in recent Advice on Threat Intelligence

A Gartner for Technical Professionals research report named ‘How to Collect, Refine, Utilize and Create Threat Intelligence’ assesses the world of Threat Intelligence - comparing types of threat intelligence data and outlines common usage patterns.

Gartner recognizes that the most mature organizations have built or assembled frameworks or platforms for managing threat intelligence. In this assessment, such emerging tools are referred to as Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs).

The market for such tools is emerging and developing very quickly. EclecticIQ is mentioned as a Threat Intelligence Platform for intelligence aggregation, refining and collaboration.

The 46-page report is drafted by Gartner analysts Anton Chuvakin and Augusto Barros, and published on 3 October 2016. The report can be downloaded here (for Gartner clients only).

More information about the EclecticIQ Platform can be found here.

October 12, 2016
Martin Voorzanger