Press Release A New Weapon in the Fight Against Cyber Criminals

  • Organizations’ ongoing defense against cyber attackers has a new weapon: a platform that gives threat analysts the power to gather, share and act on cyber threat intelligence.

Amsterdam, NL – 10 December 2015. To date, companies’ cyber defense plans have been primarily reactive: closely monitoring their IT infrastructures to fight attacks as they happen. EclecticIQ wants to change that. To move into prevention, analysts need a better understanding of their threat landscape to predict or detect attacks and understand potential impact.

This Amsterdam based startup has developed a tool kit for threat analysts that allows them to not only improve their intelligence gathering, but to also share it with trusted colleagues in- and outside the organization, helping each other to become more proactive. For the past year, EclecticIQ has been working with financial institutions and security organizations like NATO NCIA to fine-tune this software. Now it is being made available globally.

The growth of cyber threats and breaches is alarming: in 2014, nearly 43 million security incidents were reported by PWC, a 48% increase from 2013. The threat no longer comes from the ‘lone hacker’ but from well-coordinated crime syndicates and other unfriendly groups hungry for private data, intellectual property, and financial gain. And in 2016 a new piece of legislation sanctioning data breaches comes into effect – meaning that companies who suffer a security breach might now also face extra consequences because of it.

EclecticIQ CEO Joep Gommers elaborates: “Cyber security has become a mainstream concern. Boards and executives finally have cyber threat on their strategic radar. Our technologies help organizations speed up the adoption of a Cyber Threat Intelligence practice and take control of their cyber security.”

Threat analysts need to gather cyber intelligence from a variety of sources to help them puzzle together a picture of the overall threat landscape. The huge quantity of available intelligence makes analysis and prioritization a difficult task. EclecticIQ's Threat Intelligence Platform gathers information from trusted sources, allowing analysts to share intelligence, focus on higher-level analysis, and take back control.

About EclecticIQ

EclecticIQ is a privately held company headquartered in Amsterdam the Netherlands with an office in London. Winner of the 2015 EU IPACSO Cyber Security Award and partner of the NATO NCI Agency Security Incubator, EclecticIQ’s mission is to restore balance in the fight against cyber adversaries.


For more information, images, and EclecticIQ’s latest white paper, "A stakeholder-centric approach to building a cyber threat intelligence (CTI) practice," please contact:

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