EclecticIQ Code of Conduct

Message from the CEO

“At EclecticIQ we strive to conduct our business and private lives with ethics, morale and in compliance with the applicable law. We expect the same from our partners, agents,contractors and suppliers.

We are committed to doing business with integrity and follow our values and conduct guidelines because we believe in doing business the right way. Being an EclecticIQ employee or business partner means you also do business the right way.

By introducing this Code of Conduct we put into words what we already are doing, and we hope to guide and inspire you by acknowledging our commitment to ethics and professional business conduct.”

Joep Gommers,

CEO EclecticIQ

Code of Conduct objective

  • To promote ethics, honesty and integrity within the organization
  • To remind us of responsible performance
  • To inspire us to achieve sustainable growth through ethical businesspractices
  • To prevent conflict of interest and preferential or unfair treatment
  • To create a safe and positive work environment

The code of conduct applies to:

  • Employees, board members, and investors
  • Suppliers, resellers, vendors, subcontractors, partners (agents,distributors)

Business ethics, social responsibility, and compliance

  • Integrity. Integrity comes in one size only: Total. This is how we see it and how we apply it. We do not accept a lack of integrity.
  • Inclusion. The best teams consist of different people, accepting and trusting each other, giving their best and enjoying their differences. We look beyond the surface, beyond the obvious and strive together for the same goal applying a different point of view based on our background.
  • Human rights. We respect the universal human rights and we develop our technology in a considerate and not intrusive way to make sure we protect the universal human rights. Forced labor and child labor are explicitly forbidden in EclecticIQ and with its partners, customers, or suppliers.
  • Fair working conditions and pay. We are committed to responsible business practices and ensure our employees have the right for an appropriate compensation. The working hours are in accordance with the local laws and our employees are free to associate and collectively bargain.
  • No discrimination. We embrace diversity in any aspect. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, nationality, political opinion, trade union affiliation, social or ethnic origin or any other status, protected by law.
  • Safe work environment. Employees are the biggest asset of our company, which is why we maintain a safe work environment where our employees can grow and learn from each other.
  • No harassment or abuse. We apply zero tolerance on harassment and abuse. All interactions, internal and external, shall be conducted with respect and protecting people’s dignity.
  • Conflict of interest. A conflict of interest occurs when an entity or individual becomes unreliable because of a clash between personal (or self-serving) interests and professional duties or responsibilities. We acknowledge that a conflict could emerge even if we think that our judgment will not be affected, therefore we take care of all potential conflicts.
  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption. We take anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations very seriously and have an internal set of measures to avoid breaching such regulations applicable to our business and presence in the market.
  • Export controls and sanction laws. As a global supplier, we are subject to global transactions and must comply with applicable local, regional and international export controls and sanctions.
  • Confidentiality. We keep our company business information confidential and do not disclose information to third parties unless there is a clear purpose and, where the confidential information regards our clients, suppliers, or partners, after their consent. Confidentiality is important for our long-term success and achieving our goals in the market. We apply the same care and standard to the confidential information of our business partners disclosed to us.
  • Privacy. We respect individuals’ privacy and have a set of organizational and technical measures to keep the personal information we process safe.


Not complying with the code of conduct.

  • For employees might lead to termination of employment or disciplinary measures.
  • For our partners (such as resellers, suppliers) it might lead to termination of the business relationship, possible claim of damages, to other business appropriate measure.

Speaking up

We apply zero tolerance to retaliation. Reporting a violation in good faith and with evidence will never lead to retaliation. EclecticIQ will never hold an employee responsible for loss of business resulting from compliance with the Code of Conduct and will see to it that no employee suffers because of reporting a breach or suspected breach of the Code of Conduct.

EclecticIQ commits to:

  • take all allegations or non-compliance seriously
  • investigate efficiently and timely
  • assess the facts objectively and impartially
  • take adequate corrective measures
  • ensure executives and managers lead by example