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EclecticIQ Code of Conduct

Message from the CEO

“At EclecticIQ we strive to conduct our business and private lives with ethics, morale and in compliance with the applicable law. We expect the same from our partners, agents,contractors and suppliers.

We are committed to doing business with integrity and follow our values and conduct guidelines because we believe in doing business the right way. Being an EclecticIQ employee or business partner means you also do business the right way.

By introducing this Code of Conduct we put into words what we already are doing, and we hope to guide and inspire you by acknowledging our commitment to ethics and professional business conduct.”

Joep Gommers,

CEO EclecticIQ

Code of Conduct objective

The code of conduct applies to:

Business ethics, social responsibility, and compliance


Not complying with the code of conduct.

Speaking up

We apply zero tolerance to retaliation. Reporting a violation in good faith and with evidence will never lead to retaliation. EclecticIQ will never hold an employee responsible for loss of business resulting from compliance with the Code of Conduct and will see to it that no employee suffers because of reporting a breach or suspected breach of the Code of Conduct.

EclecticIQ commits to: