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Effective CTI practices

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Application of Threat Intelligence

For all the automation that is possible, ultimately threat intelligence relies on the efforts of analysts and the tools that have at their disposal. From understanding how to focus precious time, to being able to analyze and product threat intelligence easily.

How EclecticIQ can support this

EclecticIQ Platform provides powerful alerting, search, analysis and production tools to enable analysts to be effective and efficient.

  • Alerting on relevant intelligence through search and graph rules to focus analyst time
  • Curate threat intelligence to follow-up by analysts or curate reporting streams for stakeholders
  • Link analysis through a powerful graph engine for easily exploration and pivoting
  • Production of intelligence in a powerful editor or easily through the graph interface
  • Powerful search tools to identify relevant intelligence, obtain new insights and pivot through intelligence
  • Actor tracking through alerting rules, dynamic datasets and collaborative workspaces
  • Campaign tracking through alerting rules, dynamic datasets and collaborative workspaces
  • Reports can be created through a powerful editor that can easily be linked to intelligence from the knowledgebase
  • RFI processes internal to the organization can easily be managed through a tasking system



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