Team Collaboration

Team collaboration

Utilize Cyber Threat Intelligence across the entire security organization

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Application of Threat Intelligence

Close cooperation among intelligence analysts and between security teams is required to ensure an accurate and up to date single point of truth for cyber threats. An effective intelligence-led cybersecurity approach requires effective collaboration between intelligence, security, hunting, response and other security teams.

How EclecticIQ can support this

EclecticIQ Platform provides a collaborative workspace, task management, intelligence creation and advanced rule-based access control. The platform facilitates collaboration within and across teams. Our advisors provide support to design and implement standard operating procedures for effective collaboration across teams.

  • Knowledge management on cyber threats and security incidents across security teams
  • Workflow enablement through tasking and intelligence creation workflows
  • Collaborative workspaces allow for team, case or topic-based collaboration with advanced role-based access controls
  • Consulting by our front-line experts helps to inform the most effective approaches to implementing team-based collaboration



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