Soc Augmentation

SOC Augmentation

Intelligence-led security operations

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Application of Threat Intelligence

Organizations need intelligence-powered cybersecurity. To enable optimal cyber defense, organizations have to understand the threats against them – and align their efforts and investments to eliminate these threats. From detection, response, remediation to capturing new threat, incident and course of action information. All in a central knowledge base.

Intelligence at the core is needed to ensure that sophisticated threats can be detected and hunted for by integrating threat intelligence deep in security controls, SIEMs and other security systems. Enrichment of alerts and telemetry must ensure analysts focus on what matters. Ultimately, providing contextual threat intelligence during response and remediation to work as effective and efficiently as possible.

How EclecticIQ can support this

EclecticIQ Fusion Center products provide relevant and actionable intelligence optimized for detection and response.

EclecticIQ Platform leads the pack in granularity of configuration and filtering for integration. The platform ensures appropriate qualification of intelligence to reduce false positives and provides for automated exporting and integration of intelligence in security controls, SIEM systems and other SOC systems. Its powerful search and graph visualization capabilities provide the necessary context during response and its knowledge basing abilities ensure that new information about threats and incidents is institutionalized.

  • Enrichment of threat intelligence for qualification and reduction of false positives
  • Granular control of what selection of sources, entities and observables are used for an integration
  • Filtering of integrated intelligence based on content, tags, maliciousness, decay rates, tlp and much more
  • Anonimization of fields to protect confidentiality of data and comply with GDPR
  • TLP management to filter and overwrite sharing designations for specific integrations
  • SIEM enrichment and integration with specialized apps
  • Integrations formultiple security controls and workflow systems
  • Incident context can be easily viewed in powerful graph visualization and search tools
  • Case workspaces allow for case collaboration with advanced role base access controls



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