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Intelligence aggregation

Central repository for threat intelligence

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Application of Threat Intelligence

A central knowledgebase ensures the ability to act and align effectively against the latest cyber threats in a timely fashion. Aggregating threat intelligence in a single point of truth keeps the most accurate and up to date record of insights and enrichments from different sources of intelligence including collaboration among security teams and enrichments from internal systems.

How EclecticIQ can support this

EclecticIQ Platform aggregates intelligence from multiple sources, supporting open standards like STIX and a wide range of intelligence integrations. EclecticIQ Platform has a scalable ingestion and automation engine to normalize, correlate, enrich and qualify intelligence at scale.

  • Aggregation of multiple sources of intelligence
  • Analytics providing normalization, correlation and qualification of intelligence
  • Enrichment of intelligence through external and internal enrichment sources
  • Automation through auto-tagging and merge rules
  • Compatibility with STIX, TAXII, MITRE ATT&CK and the world the world's leading intelligence suppliers
  • Compliancy with GDPR
  • Retention policies for total control on retention of threat intelligence for compliancy and reduce storage requirements
  • Integration of intelligence into third party security controls and analytics platforms
  • Central API for access to threat intelligence
  • Data diode support transfer of intelligence and meta-data to air-gapped networks
  • RBAC advanced role based access control on platform functionality and intelligence sources
  • 2FA two-factor authentication



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