Hunting And Response

Hunting and Response

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Cyber threat intelligence is critical to the threat hunting work that security analysts perform. Researching threat actors targeting their sector or vertical can provide insights into the attack methods that their own organization might be susceptible to – and how vulnerabilities are being exploited in the wild. Traditionally this work had a heavy manual overhead. Analysts needed to wade through vast quantities of data collected from various sources before having to make sense of it all. Only then could they act on the insights of their labor.

Application of Threat Intelligence

There is a need for proactively and automatically detecting cyber threats in security telemetry. While enabling efficiency and effectiveness for threat hunting and response analysts through workflow support, power-tools and knowledge management.

How EclecticIQ can support this

EclecticIQ Platform helps internal threat hunting teams with relevant Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) and provides recommendations in response to an incident or threat.

  • Hunt directly from EclecticIQ Platform with security tools, e.g. SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), data lake
  • Ability to cross-reference with organizational data
  • Improve organizations’ security posture
  • Drive operational efficiency



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