Collaboration Across Organizations

Collaboration across organizations

Creating a common understanding of Cyber Threats.

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In today’s world, collaboration against cyber threats is a must. So is ensuring sovereignty. Organizations should no longer operate in isolation. Forces can be combined into a shared effort. An effort with the synergy of collaboration, based on complimentary knowledge.

Application of Threat Intelligence

Collaboration within a supply chain or community must ensure that intelligence about threats proliferates in a timely manner across the supply chain. Collaboration across organizations and communities ensures that context is enriched quickly to understand threats in a timely fashion. Collaboration ensures that one organizations reactive effort becomes the others proactive asset.

How EclecticIQ can support this

EclecticIQ enables collaboration across organizations for shared centers to manage a shared threat landscape, for national government, regional and industry collaboration. National early warning systems and National detection networks can be powered by threat intelligence from EclecticIQ Platform to ensure collaborative and aggregated insights inform national defense.

EclecticIQ Platform integrates with third party collaborative communities. Building your own collaborative network of organizations with EclecticIQ is possible in a hub and spoke, mesh or combined architecture. ElecticIQ Platform can function as a central repository for collaboration among multiple organizations or several instances of EclecticIQ Platform can be deployed that selective synchronize intelligence and incident information, while retaining full provenance to ensure rule-based access control across a decentralized community.

  • Central knowledge base to collaborate on cyber threats and incidents
  • Collaborative workspaces allow for team, case or topic based collaboration with advanced role base access controls
  • Linking platforms allows for large networks of organizations to collaborate in mesh, hub-spoke or combined architectures
  • Supply chain collaboration through a central knowledge-base or by exchanging information among organizations
  • National Detection Networks can be enriched with timely and actionable threat intelligence
  • Early warning systems can be enriched with timely and actionable threat intelligence

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