Brand And Footprint Monitoring

Brand and footprint monitoring

Digital risk protection from leading suppliers

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A large amount of valuable threat intelligence exists on the dark web. This includes stolen data relating to a security team’s organization but also information from threat actors discussing threat tactics and methods openly in forums.

Application of Threat Intelligence

Monitoring for credential, intellectual property and confidential information leakage by monitoring your online footprint 24/7. Prevent online fraud by stopping Account Takeover (ATO) attacks and continuously monitor your online footprint to discover vulnerabilities and leakage.

How EclecticIQ can support this

EclecticIQ Fusion Center Intelligence Feeds and Enrichers provide you with access to the world's leading digital risk monitoring suppliers.

  • Prevent Account Takeover with timely detection and remediation of credential and PII leakage
  • External footprint monitoring beyond the perimeters of the organization to understand previously unknown vulnerabilities or assets at risk
  • Brand monitoring to detect and remediate misuse of your brand and discover previously unknown threats to your business



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