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The CTI Challenge

CTI is one of security’s most challenging disciplines. For success, teams require:

  • A deep skillset that covers the intelligence lifecycle: plan-direct, collect, process, analyze, disseminate, and manage feedback
  • Expertise setting-up, running and governing intricate workflows to quickly isolate and target threats to information assets
  • To be the central threat coordination and response point for the organization

Almost all CTI teams are strong in some areas and not in others. Without strength across the board, analysts cannot maximize the use of their threat intelligence platform (TIP) and CTI practice.

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The Solution

CTI teams often mistake thinking that a slick threat intelligence platform (TIP) GUI and relying on default settings will make up for shortfalls in skills and experience. Or, they turn to 3rd party consultants, only to receive high-level CTI concepts and best practices.

Nothing is more effective for improving CTI operations than in-depth, hands-on expertise combined with seasoned threat intelligence knowledge. EclecticIQ Threat Intelligence Consultants provide the guidance and expertise necessary to tailor your CTI operations and make EclecticIQ Platform the cornerstone of your threat intelligence practice.

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To accelerate your CTI practice, the EclecticIQ Threat Intelligence Consultants balance your CTI team's skillset and expertise. Our world-class consultants provide hands-on, tailored guidance (e.g., ATT&CK and Diamond frameworks) to optimize EclecticIQ Platform as the centerpiece of your CTI practice. Consultants also offer advice to set configurations for customer use cases and standard operating procedures (SOP) to make the EclecticIQ Platform the threat response coordination point for organization-wide collaboration.

The result of engaging our Threat Intelligence Consultants is empowering your analysts to perform faster, better, and more in-depth investigations while disseminating intelligence at machine speed.


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  • bullet-white Created with Sketch. Gain insights to ease organizational issues
  • bullet-white Created with Sketch. Reduce risk by reducing breach potential to high-value information assets


Please download the below datasheet to learn more about Threat Intelligence Consultants. For EclecticIQ customers, to engage our Threat Intelligence Consultants service, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

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Product Datasheet

EclecticIQ Threat Intelligence Consultants

Leverage Threat Intelligence Consultants to supercharge your threat intelligence operations and optimize your EclecticIQ Platform.

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Why EclecticIQ Threat Intelligence Consultants?

  • EclecticIQ's approach is unique by offering Threat Intelligence Consultants as part of its Customer Support offering
  • Our Threat Intelligence Consultants have extensive domain knowledge of CTI best practices
  • Each consultant has broad hands-on experience with the EclecticIQ Platform
  • Our consultants provide deep insight into customer use cases and standard operation procedures (SOP) across key verticals including infrastructure, financial services, and government agencies