EclecticIQ Academy

Hands-on Cyber Threat Intelligence training

Problem 8x

Business problem

Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPs) are the cornerstone from which intelligence-led security strategies can be realized. But without skilled Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) analysts, organizations risk underutilizing their TIP, resulting in suboptimal Return on Investment (ROI).

Finding and retaining skilled CTI analysts on the other hand is becoming harder and harder. As a result, CTI teams often have members with varying abilities, as well as a lack of shared analytical frameworks and practices, slowing down collaboration and overall productivity.

Solution 8x


Organizations turning to traditional CTI training institutions for help, discover their programs do not fit their needs. These courses are very expensive, but also mostly theoretical, offering only surface learning of some CTI tools, resulting in long time-to-value.

Instead, EclecticIQ Academy offers its customers the ability to train their entire team on producing fundamental actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence specifically using EclecticIQ Platform for a fraction of the cost.

Approach 8x


We link theory to practice by teaching students how to apply the most important analytical CTI frameworks on their own version of the Platform that is identical to their production environment at work.

We send professional CTI instructors to your location to deliver five days of hands-on face-to-face training to your entire team as a group while staying well within your team’s corporate training budget.


  • bullet-white Created with Sketch. Upskill your department: your entire team will share a foundational level of CTI knowledge to speed up your entire CTI practice
  • bullet-white Created with Sketch. Short time-to-value: learnings can be applied immediately after completion of the training
  • bullet-white Created with Sketch. Value-for-money: fits within existing team development budgets
  • bullet-white Created with Sketch. Maximize your team’s value to corporate decision-making and cyber risk mitigation processes
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Why EclecticIQ?

  • We developed our training in cooperation with external CTI experts
  • We incorporate learnings from Fusion Center, our in-house team of CTI analysts who use EclecticIQ Platform daily
  • We use professional CTI instructors on-site who are specialized in group instruction
  • We carry out regular evaluations and consistently get good ratings from our students