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Because our platform relies on open standards and technologies, we’ve always had at heart to give back the love to the communities that support us. Thus, since its inception, EclecticIQ has been an active contributor to the threat intelligence development crowd, notably through our open tools OpenTaxii and Cabby, but also through our contribution to the OASIS standard body.

So it only seems natural for us to provide a robust API and SDK to our community of ninja developers. There’s nothing we like more than seeing our platform is owned, used, abused, rerouted, and eventually transcended by our peers. Please, please, push it to its limits and let us know what you’ve done.

EclecticIQ Platform SDK

EclecticIQ Platform SDK

Developers can supercharge their EclecticIQ Platform and extend the reach of their intelligence practice by designing new enrichment scenarios, ingestion and export of new data sources, and greater data model supports.

EclecticIQ Platform SDK makes it fast and efficient to develop with EclecticIQ Platform using constructs and syntax familiar to intelligence developers.

Our SDK is written on top of the EclecticIQ API. It provides a complete coverage of our REST API with documentations, examples, and tools.

Sdk 2

For inspiration, here are a few things that our users do with this development kit

Import third-party intelligence sources into their platform
Translate and import their own custom-built intelligence data
Integrate with third-party enrichers and online query-based analysers
Export data to their IR portal or their own applications
Instrument their intelligence findings with bi-directional security controls connectivity

Your ideas

If you want (we definitely would love that!) to publish your findings, results, codes to the rest of the community, please feel free to ping us. We will evaluate the opportunity with you and won’t forget to give you the credits.

Share your ideas

EclecticIQ Platform API

EclecticIQ Platform API

The most basic way to programmatically leverage EclecticIQ Platform is by using the REST API. It provides easy access to your platform instance and enables the most important use cases and features of the actual software, including: search, read, creation, deletion, and modification of observables - individually or in bulk.

Please note we highly recommend using EclecticIQ Platform SDK to develop against the API. It provides an easier environment to brew your magic.

The API documentation is available in your EclecticIQ Platform documentation section.