EclecticIQ Platform for Cyber Threat Intelligence

EclecticIQ Platform is a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) that empowers threat analysts to perform faster, better, and deeper investigations while disseminating intelligence at machine-speed.

EclecticIQ Platform connects and interprets intelligence data from open sources, commercial suppliers and industry partnerships.

The cornerstone of your CTI practice

Align investments in cyber threat intelligence for the CISO, accelerating CERT response, empowering analysts, centralizing CTI teams and giving context to Security Operations Centers.

Unlock the business value of threat intelligence

Comprehensive workflow

Use EclecticIQ Platform to quickly discern actionable and relevant intelligence using a core set of workflows and processes within a single collaborative workspace.

Step through analyst-friendly workflows

Integration with essential threat intelligence

Built-in integration connects EclecticIQ Platform externally with top providers of threat intelligence, centralized sources of technical data, and information-sharing communities including ISACs; and internally with a full range of enterprise IT security solutions.

Integrate EclecticIQ Platform with your enterprise

A global community of contributors

Contribute to the advancement of the CTI community. Develop and publish custom or generic connectors via our API and SDK. Help CTI adoption by participating in open source projects such as Cabby and OpenTAXII.

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About Eclecticiq Platform

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Platform Block Effect

Growing effect on enterprises and governments

Organizations not only need to develop sufficient capabilities to protect themselves, but also to do so at a reasonable and predictable cost. The formation of a threat intelligence practice enabled by technology works toward these goals by centralizing Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) through a single trusted entity within the organization.

Platform Block Center

At the center of a threat intelligence practice

EclecticIQ Platform is a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) that sits at the center of a threat intelligence practice, collecting intelligence from open sources, commercial suppliers and industry partnerships into a single workspace.

Using EclecticIQ Platform, intelligence analysts can deliver actionable intelligence and support detection, prevention and incident response through existing security infrastructure. This approach improves security operations and security leadership through a comprehensive yet cost-effective approach.

Platform Block Align

Align against threat reality

Within the practice, intelligence analysts gather and analyze both technical and strategical intelligence, make recommendations on threat mitigation.

The ultimate outcome is that organizations can better ensure that their IT security efforts and investments are aligned against the reality of cyber threats.

EclecticIQ Platform helps us and our customers to consume threat intelligence in the SOC environments that we build, correlate threat intelligence with customer infrastructure events and share that information with their partners and sector peers, regardless of their technology.

Steven van de Braak Founder & CEO of Perceptive Security

EclecticIQ Platform is uniquely designed to improve an organization’s security posture and the efficiency, the speed, accuracy and capacity of intelligence analysts, allowing organizations to continue operations unimpeded by cyber threats.

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