EclecticIQ Newsletter Q1-2018

Get ready with EclecticIQWhen Threat Intelligence meets GDPR and why STIX 2.1 is worth waiting

Q1 is melting like the last lazy snow winter left behind.

The end of the quarter is near, and we would like to share some of the most interesting and fun things we've been busy with, from catching up with the latest industry topics and trends, to showcasing product enhancements and improvements, and getting ready for upcoming events. Speaking of - check the dates and drop in for a chat!

GDPR - Security and the Art of Staying State of the Art

Tick, tock, tick, tock. May 25th. Is it a deadline or a starting date? Does it mark a project completion or the beginning of a journey? And what does the regulation requirement to have state-of-the-art cyber security actually mean?

GDPR compliance is not like sprinting; it's more similar to long-distance running.

Find out how cyber threat intelligence provides actionable insights for CISO and Data Protection Officers: GDPR - Security and the Art of Staying State of the Art is the first in a series of EclecticIQ blog posts outlining and discussing different aspects of GDPR.

Quiz – Who is Annabelle?

Nope... try again. The horror movie is too crappy, we want a better answer.

Correct! Read EclecticIQ Fusion Center Report: Annabelle Ransomware

Our journey to STIX 2.1

We at EclecticIQ are big fans of STIX. Why is it, then, that we don’t yet support STIX 2.0? Well, the short story is - we miss some elements that really matter to us, so we are looking forward to the STIX 2.1 release, because it will include most of them.

To find out what true STIX support means to us, what our roadmap towards support of STIX 2.1 looks like, and what’s in it for you and for our customers, check the blog post.

Cyber News App - Your pocket-size cyber intel source

Do you get so many news alerts and updates that you just don’t know what to read first? Start with our new Cyber News App!

We sift through loads of news sources and social media to post the most relevant and interesting items to the App. You can quickly scan through the daily news items. The handy search feature saves you scrolling through pages of links.

Download the App on the App Store or on Google Play.

Product News

We're passionate about CTI. One of the things that gets our product team out of bed in the morning faster than the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee is enhancing EclecticIQ Platform features and functionality.

During Q1 we released version 2.1, and we introduced our SDK. Watch the EclecticIQ Platform 2.1 webinar recording to find out more.

New release: EclecticIQ Platform 2.1 and 6 new integrations

Check out our latest release and benefit from more fluid analysis flows thanks to - for example - our improved search function and our persistent forms and panes. And don't miss our new integrations: we made your life easier by adding Intel 471, MISP, Palo Alto, Proofpoint, Splunk ES and generic RSS feed ingestion to our portfolio.

Public SDK / API: extend the power of your platform, advance your community

Our new public API and the SDK make development for EclecticIQ Platform fast and efficient. Supercharge your platform and extend the reach of your CTI intelligence practice by designing new enrichment and ingestion integrations - Sweet!

Oh! And by the way, there's nothing we like more than seeing our peers owning, using, abusing, and eventually transcending our platform: please, please, push it to its limits and let us know what you've done.

Eclectic Fusion Center

EclecticIQ Fusion Center is growing our technical delivery and analysis capabilities. This ensures that EclecticIQ Fusion Center deliverables adhere to top-notch quality standards, and that they abide by STIX best practices. 

Take a look at recent sample reporting, including coverage of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics activity.

New Data Breach Theme

With GDPR just around the corner, enterprises are under pressure to implement complying data risk management strategies. Knowing when your company's data was breached and the extent of the breach is a key element of that posture. To get there, you need a mix of high-quality intelligence feeds and accurate analysis.

EclecticIQ Fusion Center have partnered up with SpyCloud and Cybersprint to bring a new Data Breach Theme to its customers – alerting our customers to data leaks observed in open source and darkweb with Fusion Center Analysts on hand to fuse detailed knowledge of TTPs used and associated Threat Actors. Don’t just know it happened – Find out why, and address it.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Fusion Centre could help you, why not sign up for a free trial with Intelligence Essentials?

Upcoming events


April 10, 2018 • Exhibition • Manchester, UK

CYBERUK 2018 is the NCSC UK flagship event on cyber security. Over three days, 1800+ people will attend events covering both strategy and delivery. EclecticIQ will be exhibiting at booth #E506.

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RSA Conference 2018

April 16, 2018 • Conference • San Francisco, USA

The RSA Conference is a conference series on IT security that takes place in San Francisco. EclecticIQ can be found at the OASIS STIX/TAXII booth 1701 in the South Expo hall. If you are interested in a demo, please visit our booth or schedule a demo in advance.

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Safe House London

May 03, 2018 • Event • Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom

Safe House London - Confidential Discussion on Threat Intelligence for Intelligence Practitioners, Department Heads, CISOs, and Legal Professionals. Expert discussions. Chatham House Rules. RVSP here (max. 30 seats, free entry).

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FS-ISAC 2018 Annual Summit

May 20, 2018 • Summit • Boca Raton, Florida, USA

EclecticIQ will be exhibiting at this year's FS-ISAC Annual Summit in Boca Raton. If you are interested in a demo, please visit our booth or schedule a demo in advance.

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Infosecurity Europe

June 05, 2018 • Conference • London, United Kingdom

Infosecurity Europe is the region's number one information security event. EclecticIQ will be exhibiting at stand #Y101.

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New in our team

Carlijn Straver

Office Assistant

Michael Denzin

Director North American Sales

Tom Vaughan

Product Architect

Siavash Safi

DevOps Engineer

Katie Kusjanovic

Senior Solutions Consultant

“As a Senior Solutions Consultant, I leverage my 15 years' experience in cyber to the pre-sales conversation as well as fostering thriving technical customer relationships. My experience covers the strategic and the operational of securing and defending networks and information.

On a personal note, my musician husband and I have three dogs and two sons who keep us happily busy. I help teach Computer Science at the high school level as part of the TEALS K-12 project and am working towards opening an art gallery one day!”

Hey, we’re hiring!

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Threat Intelligence Report

Report - EclecticIQ Hypotheses: Infection Vector for German Government Breach

On 28th February the German Interior Ministry confirmed that it identified an attack against its servers in December 2017. In this report EclecticIQ Fusion Center analysts will summarize what is known to date and will provide a set of hypotheses about the infection vector.

Download report and STIX entities

Threat Intelligence Report

EclecticIQ Fusion Center Report: ComboJack Malware Alters Clipboards to Steal Cryptocurrency

Unit 42 researchers discovered a new currency stealer dubbed "ComboJack", which targets cryptocurrencies and online wallets.

Download report and STIX entities