Frontend Software Engineer (SaaS MVP)

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Posted on Oct 03, 2019

Department: Hunting and Response Engineering

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

As Frontend Software Engineer, you will be part of a small team working on new capabilities and products that support threat hunting, incident response and intelligence collaboration leveraging open standards. We are working on the next generation of products that embrace open standards and an 'always-on', SaaS-build, CI/CD mindset. From day one we will be working on the MVP.

We need creative builders who have a strong appreciation for the threat intelligence and network defense space who can truly deliver.

As a frontend developer, you will be responsible for creating intuitive user interfaces for new bleeding-edge security technologies. You will be working together with a small and fast-paced team of experts, backend, frontend and UX engineers, given complete creative control to execute on the teams vision from design to implementation.

If you are a self-starter with strong confidence to execute on your own ability with a proven track record of building attractive applications this opportunity is for you!



  • Being in the frontline of the creation of a user interface for Incubated products, you are leading the Design, Creation, Testing, Debugging of front end code, towards the production of an MVP.
  • Thriving in independent work with objectives you may not fully understand but are fully enabled to research!
  • Having a strong focus on delivery to the user, while understanding the difference between what the customer wants and what we think they need.
  • Taking a proactive, highly autonomous approach to problem-solving.
  • Aiming for excellence, yet understanding that "it is better done than perfect".
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest (practical) design trends, anticipating user needs, and implementing it in your work.
  • Passion for and understanding the why behind usability and correct documentation.
  • Successfully and efficiently communicate both internally as well as with Engineering CoPs, while keeping it open, humble and not shying away from criticism.


  • 3+ years of professional or open source experience, preferably in the cyber security space.
  • Proven experience building large scale application with Javascript, React, Redux or similar technologies.
  • Strong knowledge of Javascript and functional programming.
  • Solid understanding of modern tooling (such as Webpack, Babel, Yarn, etc.).
  • Ability to understand highly technical concepts in-depth, enabling you to effectively work with the rest of team.
  • Knowledge of Amazon Serverless and CICD Technologies (such as Lambda, CodePipeline and CloudFormation).
  • Experience with writing tests and automation testing with Jest, Enzyme, Cypress and/or similar is a plus.
  • Experience with Flow/Typescript and GraphQL, as well as with Graphing Libraries is a plus.
  • Self-starter and user-focused work mode.


We offer a full-time position with a market conform salary. Besides our 24 annual holidays, we have a remote-friendly work environment.

On top of that, we have a hip, home-like working place in the heart of Amsterdam where you can work with (and build) the latest technology. Our teams are fast running, effective and transparent - while we love experiments and research, we are not afraid to make decisions. We are backed by international investors to build the future together! 

About EclecticIQ

EclecticIQ enables intelligence-powered cybersecurity for commercial enterprises, MSSPs, and government organizations. Our analyst-centric approach aligns our clients’ cybersecurity and business posture with a rapidly evolving cyber threat environment. EclecticIQ’s technology and services are designed to enable an intelligence-led security program for our clients with analyst-centric products and services that align their cybersecurity focus with their threat reality. The result is intelligence-led security, improved detection and prevention, and cost-efficient security investments.

The EclecticIQ Platform is based on STIX/TAXII open standards and is designed around collaboration, source consolidation, and fused intelligence. EclecticIQ Fusion Center provides technical and strategic threat analysis to meet challenges posed by clients and partners across multiple industries. At EclecticIQ, we work with a diverse team of cybersecurity and intelligence professionals in multiple offices worldwide.


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In case of any questions or queries, please reach out to our Talent Acquisition and Selection specialist on [email protected]


The selection process may include security screening and/or background checks.


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