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Track primary threats with EclecticIQ’s curated threat feeds, optimized for EclecticIQ Platform

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Business Problem

All organizations face a set of primary threats, including exploits, malware, phishing, and ransomware. To address these threats, CTI teams must sort through feed marketplaces with hundreds of open and commercial sources to populate their Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) with threat data.

These marketplaces drive feed overload, where analysts waste hours processing false positives and structuring and tagging data for best TIP operations.

Organizations need an alternative approach.

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To address feed marketplace overload, EclecticIQ Intelligence consists of two threat data feeds curated for primary threats, both optimized for EclecticIQ Platform:

  • The Open Sources Feed delivers highly reliable open source data bundled with EclecticIQ Platform.
  • The Commercial Sources Feed delivers advanced threat data from boutique sources as a cost-effective add-on.

EclecticIQ threat researchers optimize both feeds for the Platform, providing feed-specific rules and tags, delivered in a STIX-compatible format.

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Commercial Sources Feed

Features of the Commercial Sources Feed include:

  • Threat data on primary threats, including polymorphic malware and DDOS botnets that target enterprise networks, distributed computing platforms, and the operating systems they support.
  • Curated boutique sources that leverage machine learning to process data from 500+ million sensors, sandboxes, network traffic analyzers, monitored botnets, and dark web sources.
  • Tactical, strategic, and operational weekly digests and intelligence reports linked to structured visualizations on EclecticIQ Platform.
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EclectiqIQ’s Threat Research team delivers our two curated feeds. This team uses EclecticIQ Platform daily to produce threat research reports and insights for our customers. Our research analysts are masters at onboarding and optimizing feeds for EclecticIQ Platform, saving customers valuable time and energy by not having to wade through a sea of false positives from open sources or hunt down unique boutique threat data feeds.


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Why EclecticIQ Intelligence Feeds?

  • EclecticIQ's Open Sources and Commercial Sources Feeds deliver highly reliable threat data, optimized for EclecticIQ Platform
  • Our threat intelligence analysts continuously hunt for reliable open source feeds and valuable commercial feeds
  • Our analysts are masters at onboarding feeds to EclecticIQ Platform
  • EclecticIQ's Intelligence Feeds overcome feed marketplace overload