EclecticIQ Fusion Center Intelligence Essentials - start subscription

Every business day (Monday to Friday), you’ll receive the following intelligence from us:

  • Intelligence reports. As fresh observations are obtained, our analysts will send you Intelligence reports complete with qualitative analysis and a summary of similar related structured intelligence entities. Every day, these reports are combined with news from across the cyber threat landscape in our Daily Digest reports.
  • Structured intelligence. With the STIX-compatible intelligence, all feeds are processed and curated by EclecticIQ Fusion Center. It includes our analysts’ insights to incidents within the cyber landscape providing you with context and a level of response.
  • Machine-readable blacklists. These deliver a Security Operations Center (SOC) with a stream of high confidence observables which should be treated as potentially malicious, in line with your organizational policies and processes.

Subscription details:
  • Term: 1 year
  • The intelligence you receive is processed and curated including feeds from various open-sources incl. Redsocks and EclecticIQ
  • Where there is an option for different delivery formats, you will receive the intelligence in your chosen format
  • Invoice will be send for payment via bank
  • The subscription includes support during local EclecticIQ Amsterdam office hours