Frequently Asked Questions

About the product

What formats do we support?

Our intelligence can be provided in CSV, EclecticIQ JSON, ArcSight CEF, and STIX 1.2, as well as HTML reports.

How often should I pull this data? How often is it refreshed?

Fusion Center provides two streams of downloadable files, one stream updated hourly, and one daily. HTML reports and digests can be downloaded as well as delivered via email. Our recommended preferences for TAXII polling is once per day, requesting the last 24 hours of intelligence. We provide separate feeds for reference objects and indicators.

What is the actual value, since most of it is open source?

The data contains both open-source and commercial information, and has been normalized, assessed and tagged by analysts. It will provide you with valuable context information about the provided indicators and reports.

What do the tags mean in daily digests?

They refer to themes, actors and methods of attack that are related to this topic.

Where do you get your information from?

From various open-sources and commercial sources, as we well as from our own analytical work based on these sources.

What confidence do you place in Fusion Center indicators?

Fusion Center feeds are separated into “High Confidence”, and “All” feeds for manual download in CSV, ArcSight CEF and JSON. When intelligence is downloaded in EclecticIQ JSON, confidence tagging is passed with all intelligence.

What kind of data can I expect?

With Fusion Center Intelligence Essentials, you will receive reports and digests over email, structured intelligence over JSON and STIX, and IOCs/IOAs over CEF, CSV and STIX.

I have followed your configuration settings, but it does not work. What to do?

If you have technical issues contact us at [email protected].

About the trial

How long does it take for the trial begins?

Once you are admitted to the trial you will receive an email. After replying to this email, you will receive an email containing the information you need to collect your data. This is generally within a few business hours.

Is the trial exactly the same as what I will get when I have a paid subscription?

Yes, it is.

Can I extend my trial?

Yes, under certain conditions we will grant additional trial time.

About the subscription

Can I also get a part of this product?

No. You receive both intelligence for human and automated consumption.

If I buy my subscription now, does the trial end?

We will keep providing you with information under trial conditions, until the subscription is finalized, then we change to the subscription delivery. You shouldn’t notice any interruptions in the intel delivery process.

Can I get in touch with an analyst?

We are glad to interact directly with customers. Please note the availability of this depends on your Fusion Center package.