Events Threat Intelligence overhyped?

July 11, 2018 • Seminar • Lower Manhattan • New York, United States

Towards an effective practice to anticipate threats

Here we go again!! The repeating pattern. You’ve seen it before - a promising new tech fosters enthusiasm, hope… and, of course, marketing departments’ imagination. But, what’s the true story? Come join us for a reality-check of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

Why is it worth your time?

In just a few hours, we will highlight some recent success stories and help you understand why CTI might have failed you. More importantly, we will show you how to transform your use of CTI, and “future proof” your investment.

If you’re among the visionaries who were the early-adopters of the (still) promising CTI world, you’re likely to have gone through this “enthusiasm - disillusion” cycle. Over-promising is a bad habit that our security industry is often guilty of.

We’re here to bring perspective and helpful insights.

And you’re in for a treat! Ms. Jane Ginn, Secretary of the OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence - Technical Committee (CTI-TC) will share insights from the 2017 Winter Olympics. What’s special about that? It was where the US Department of Homeland Security Unclassified Alert noted that U.S. private sector and non-governmental entities were likely to be targeted by Russian cyber actors. She will outline how cyber threat analysis can determine the potential source of a cyber-attack. Her presentation will demonstrate how a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) can be used to expedite such investigations

What do we know about it?

For the last 4 years, we - at EclecticIQ - have been building a comprehensive suite of CTI technologies and practices. Hand in hand with our customers, we’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of establishing a successful CTI practice and have successfully come out the other side.

We believe CTI is not only about products (even our own). CTI is one of the most valuable and effective security practices your organization can implement if, and only if, you embrace it as a practice - a comprehensive set of people, processes and tools.

When and where?

It would be great to see you on Wednesday the 11th of July at 4pm in Lower Manhattan, New York. The exact location will be communicated later on.

Need a sneak peek of the agenda to help you decide?

In addition to our key note speaker Jane Ginn, during our upcoming conference in New York, Raymon van der Velde (VP Product and Co-Founder of EclecticIQ, previously iSight Partners/FireEye) will

  1. Analyze why and how CTI implementations have failed to live up to expectations in the past.
  2. How to transform them into effective practices – turning the hype into reality.
  3. Explore the relevancy of the current IOC-driven trend in CTI
  4. Present what we believe is the future of our industry: an intelligence practice that goes far beyond data management (i.e. IOCs) and gets more effective at anticipating threats.

We will, of course, end the evening with some drinks, bites and some interesting people to meet and network with. The evening will end around 7pm.

For whom is this conference?

We like to welcome managers in Security Operations, Incident Response and Threat Intelligence, across industries and government.

Want to know more?

If you’re currently struggling with your CTI implementation, questioning if you are getting the best return on your CTI investment, or simply beginning your CTI journey; reserve your seat by registering now.

We look forward to seeing you in New York!

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