Events 2017

October 16-20, 2017 • Convention • Alvisse Parc Hotel • Luxembourg

EclecticIQ will join a series of events in 2017 following the below agenda:

Monday 16 October, 2017 (14:00-18:00): MISP Summit

MISP is an advanced platform for sharing, storing and correlating Indicators of Compromises from attacks and cyber security threats. Discover how MISP is used today in multiple organisations. Not only to store, share, collaborate on malware, but also to use the IOCs to detect and prevent attacks.

The objective of the summit is openly discuss about the current usage of MISP, the future developments and the integration with the overall security ecosystems.

Tuesday 17 - Thursday 19 October, 2017: 2017 is an open convention where people can discuss about computer security, privacy, information technology and its cultural/technical implication on society.

Thursday 19 - Friday 20 October, 2017: Open Source Security Software Hackathon

Hackathon is dedicated to free/open source software in the field of cybersecurity. The aim is to gather various developer groups to collaborate on challenging programming problems in the field of cybersecurity: from information sharing, network/system forensic, data mining challenges, network/computer exploitation or defense.

EclecticIQ has initiated various open-source Cyber Threat Intelligence projects, such as OpenTAXII and Cabby. Follow our dedicated Twitter account @EclecticIQ_OSS to stay updated.

We hope to see you at 2017!

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