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February 18, 2021 • 12:00 ET (17:00 GMT)

Join EclecticIQ Threat Intelligence Consultant Ippolito Forni and GRF President Mark Orsi for the Webinar: Ransomware as a Smokescreen for Nation-State Sponsored Espionage Operations

The ransomware phenomenon has seen rapid growth in the last decade. A continuous evolution in M.O. and TTPs has morphed the ransomware threat landscape from opportunistic into highly targeted, with campaigns that exfiltrate the victims’ data before encryption for further leverage in the extortion process.

There is a general consensus around the financial motivation behind ransomware campaigns. While this holds true, in this presentation we are going to look into alternative hypotheses where cyber-criminal gangs cooperate with nation states to target victims in order to steal data of value for the nation state sponsoring the operation, hiding the nation state attribution and the espionage motive behind the cyber-criminal gang attribution and financial motive.

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