Webinar FS-ISAC Expert Webinar Series - Communicating Threat Intel to the C-Suite

Recorded 07 November 2017

Communicating technology risks to the C-suite, from threat intelligence to fraud management, can be challenging. Information is often ambiguous, highly technical or insufficient to draw conclusions and provide concrete recommendations. Translating the war against cybercrime into business metrics that senior leadership understands can be just as challenging as the battle against enterprise fraud threats. 

This Expert Webinar Series session will look at communication of both threat intel (from STIX analysis all the way to the C-suite) to fraud management. Explore key performance indicators that matter most to senior leadership, learn factors that are driving change and investment decisions and hear recommendations for measuring the success of a fraud risk management program.

Angel Grant | Director of Fraud & Risk | RSA
Chris O’Brien | Director Intelligence Operations| EclecticIQ

Paula Fetterman | FS-ISAC