Events FS-ISAC Annual Summit

April 28 - May 01, 2019 • Summit • Walt Disney Swan and Dolpin Resort • Orlando, Florida

EclecticIQ will be exhibiting at this year's FS-ISAC Annual Summit.

Chris O'Brien, Director Intelligence Operations at EclecticIQ, will give a talk on

Actionable CTI Not a Pipedream

Time: 2:15 pm-3:00pm, Tuesday, 30 April | Venue: Australia 3

Structured threat intelligence is great – but few practitioners are at a stage to make it truly actionable. When achieved, it is often in an academic ‘vacuum’ under specific conditions and for stand-alone use cases. We can do so much more with just the tools we have. Modern approaches to this problem set resemble the creation of a cyber threat landscape ‘knowledge base’ and accompanying analytics to answer ‘canned queries’. To build those capabilities to be truly scalable requires a foundation that includes a robust (yet flexible) data model with the ability to interact with non-cyber related data such as risk management and HR.

In this talk we will explore the scalability challenges of threat intelligence analysis for cyber security and how to best use structured languages such as STIX to achieve this in a standardized, repeatable way. Such a design can be used to make your cyber threat intelligence automated, scalable and truly ‘actionable’. Thereby commoditizing the most basic functions of analysis, emphasizing the skillsets of a truly gifted analyst and producing output that is understandable to audiences ranging from machine and C-Suite.

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