Events FS-ISAC 2021 Europe Virtual Summit

June 09-16, 2021 • Summit

Meet EclecticIQ at FS-ISAC 2021 Europe Virtual Summit

New cyber challenges and risks call for increased sharing across borders and the only way to stay ahead of sophisticated threat actors is to collaborate. Join our two-day virtual summit to stay at the forefront of these new technology trends and emerging paradigms.

Be sure to visit our sponsor page and check out our live session at 11:00 - 11:45 BST, June 9 on "Ransomware as Smokescreen for Nation State Sponsored Cyber Operations", presented by Ippolito Forni, Threat Intelligence Consultant & Senior CTI Analyst at EclecticIQ.

Abstract: Besides the financial motivation behind ransomware campaigns, we are going to look into alternative hypotheses where cyber-criminal gangs cooperate with nation states to target victims in order to steal data of value for the nation state sponsoring the operation, hiding the nation state attribution and the espionage motive.

Primary Learning Objectives

  • Any information held by a private organization could be of great value for espionage driven operations.
  • Any industry vertical could be the target of an espionage operation hidden behind a ransomware attack.
  • The importance of your organization in supporting national interests is likely to make you an attractive target for espionage operations.

See you there!

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