Events FS-ISAC 2020 Europe Virtual Summit

November 04-05, 2020 • Summit • Online

Meet EclecticIQ at FS-ISAC 2020 Europe Virtual Summit

Join the two-day virtual summit to stay at the forefront of these new technology trends and emerging paradigms so your firm can become a master of adaptation.

Be sure to visit our virtual booth and attend our session on

"Understanding the Ransomware Landscape", presented by Ippolito Forni, Threat Intelligence Consultant at EclecticIQ

This talk will consist of 3 main areas.

  • The first part will cover a historical overview of the ransomware phenomenon, with a particular focus on the evolution of ransomware threat actors Modi Operandi and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.
  • The second part will show how Cyber Threat Intelligence driven security can prevent a ransomware attack by providing the strategic, operational and tactical intelligence to mitigate and respond to the risks posed by ransomware.
  • The third part will consist in describing a worst case scenario resulting from a successful ransomware attack against a targeted victim. The presentation will cover the possible scenarios and outcomes including ransom payment as an option of last resort.

See you there!

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