Events DerbyCon 8.0 “Evolution”

October 05-07, 2018 • Conference • Marriott Louisville • Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Katie Kusjanovic, Senior Solutions Consultant at EclecticIQ, and Matthew Shelton, Security Technologist at FireEye, are giving a joint-presentation at DerbyCon 8.0 Evolution in Louisville, United States! If you plan to visit this conference, don't miss their presentation that will probably answer your questions regarding threat intelligence in theory and in practice.

Talk Title

IOCs Today, Intelligence-Led Security Tomorrow

Talk Outline

Today we know that IOCs are inherently reactive. In order to better prepare for tomorrow’s threats, we need to be proactive and TI data, TIP technology and internally-harvested intelligence allows us to evolve into the next level. This session will first gloriously detail the current problem, the reactive limitations that come from a non-progressive loop of requirements -> collection -> analysis -> action -> repeat. Then we will describe how TI data can be used to action internally-harvested intelligence data sources to make the loop into a progressive evolution. The internally-harvested intelligence means that each step in the loop becomes potentially proactive. We will fully illuminate how each step in the loop becomes progressive and drives data evolution and the specifics involved We will wrap-up with a hopeful prognostication of what a post-IOC defense will look like, touching on how data collection might evolve, how sharing data within community/industry/vertical might evolve and what role automation will continue to play.

Speakers Bio

Mrs. Kusjanovic is a Senior Solutions Consultant for the North American branch of EclecticIQ. Her primary roles include conducting demonstrations of Threat Intelligence Platform and Intelligence Feed technologies and supporting customers with their operational and analytic needs. Her career covers incident response in the SOC/NOSC/Fusion Center and a panoply of cyber security engineering responsibilities, inclusive of SIEM, firewalls, endpoint detection solutions, intrusion detection/prevention systems to name a few. She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and is currently taking classes toward her Master’s Degree in Cyber Security/Computer Science.

Mr. Shelton is a Security Technologist with over 15 years of professional experience working in capability development, security architecture, security operations, security analysis, and threat intelligence. With a background in security operations, he has played an instrumental role in the build out of multiple 24x7 security operations centers in support of commercial, government, and military clients responsible for a number of roles from cyber security operations to open source intelligence analysis.

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