Events CYBERUK 2018

April 10-12, 2018 • Exhibition • Manchester Central • Manchester, UK

CYBERUK 2018 is the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) flagship event on cyber security. Over three days, 1800+ people will attend events covering both strategy (CYBERUK Leadership) and delivery (CYBERUK In Practice) – giving you up to date information and industry leading insights.

EclecticIQ will be exhibiting at booth #E506. Here we will give demonstrations of EclecticIQ Platform and Fusion Center. If you are interested in a demo, please visit our booth or schedule a demo in advance.

Adam Bradbury, CTI Specialist for EclecticIQ, will give a Lightening Talk at Spotlight Stage:

Threat Intelligence Isn’t a Product, It’s A Practice.

In 2018 most businesses are aware of the need for an intelligence practice, but how to maximise its potential still seems like a dark art. With reliable sources publishing streams of indicators, tactics, techniques and recommended courses of action, our industry is still struggling to get a hold of salient information in a timely fashion, and to deploy it in an effective and scalable manner to prevent security intrusions.

In traditional military intelligence, missile production and weaponisation take months if not years to perfect, deployment and delivery of missiles are measured in hours. In information security, weaponisation can happen overnight, and delivery can be sub-second, so whilst traditional intelligence methodologies have their place, the nature of warfare has changed, and as an industry we to be ready for it. Organisations need to face the fact that they need to have an intelligence practice in place to be able to cope with an ever-evolving threat landscape.

This presentation will cover the current attitudes to intelligence acquisition from feed providers, to intelligence fusion and data modelling as a practice, then explore the future and how advances in P2P trust-based sharing, hunt-as-a-culture and automation methods will accelerate intelligence deployments, paving the way to for a future of self-defending organisations and nations.

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