Events Using Cyber Threat Intelligence to defend against advanced cyber threats: The Theories and Practice. (Cyber Security Week)

September 29, 2017 • Seminar • The Hague Security Delta • Eduction Room 1, 7th Floor, 104 Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg, 2595 AN The Hague, The Netherlands

EclecticIQ will participate Cyber Security Week, which is powered by The Hague Security Delta, the leading security cluster in Europe. 

As the complexity and number of Cyber Attacks continue to rise, companies and governments set-up Cyber Threat Intelligence practices to understand their threat reality and invest in their defences. The WannaCry pandemic is an example of the most recent, visible, developments in the evolution of advanced cyber threats. During this half day event, EclecticIQ, RedSocks Security, and TNO will share their knowledge and expertise, based on research and international practices in Cyber Threat Intelligence.


Talk 1: Cyber Threat Intelligence – Innovating Towards a Mature CTI Capability

By Richard Kerkdijk, Senior Security Consultant at TNO

Over the past years, the landscape of cyber threats has greatly evolved. To keep up with the sophisticated methods of cyber adversaries, many organizations are developing Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) capabilities. In essence, such capabilities serve to anticipate (existing or emerging) cyber threats (rather than awaiting an incident). This presentation will introduce the concept of CTI, the position of CTI operations in an organizational context and the typical (im)maturity of present day CTI practices. It will also address the need for automation in CTI operations and provide some perspective on present day automation solutions. The presentation will conclude by sharing some practical experiences in CTI sharing and collaboration. 

Talk 2: Cyber Threat Intelligence in practice: an insight in the growing need for a community-driven approach

By Maxime Boegem, Production Manager at the EclecticIQ Fusion Center

Recent global attacks such as Wannacry and Petya show the need for incorporating cyber threat intelligence into an organization’s security operation. Attacks are continuously becoming more complex, whereas solutions can often be provided efficiently by a community-driven approach. Technologies such as threat intelligent platforms are maturing quickly, however ‘trust’ continues to be a challenging factor within intelligence communities. How can we evolve communities to a level where everyone can easily contribute?

Talk 3: I Stopped Being Surprised, and Started Being Prepared 

By Reza Rafati, RedSocks Malware Intelligence Team Coordinator 

Threat Intelligence should provide insights on what is happening in a monitored environment, so the time of being surprised is long gone, the information age is now, and the use of threat intelligence is a must if you want to stay in control of your environment.

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